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o To put a request please use our request form.
o Please enter your order in the form below or send it in by e-mail.
o Enter author, title, reference number and price if your order is from a Book List.
o Postage (SEK 45.- within Sweden) as well as any bank charges will be added to an order that not is picked up and payed in the store.
o MasterCard and VISA are accepted. Please send card number and date of expiry with your order. To eliminate the risk by sending the card number you can send it divided in two (2) e-mails.
o If the book is still available when the order arrives it will be sent within two (2) working days if nothing else has been arranged. (If the book no longer is available an e-mail will be sent.)


Zip Code   Postal Address 
Payment as according to
the total sum (including post and package) will be given in a confirmation e-mail.
The order will be expedited when the full payment has been made through
Postal Giro (within Sweden), Bank Giro (within Sweden)
or a bank transaction (within Europe).
Credit card (MasterCard and VISA)
Unfortunately is our input for credit cards not working at the moment. Please send your credit card digits divided in two e-mails to 'bok@aspingtons.se'.
Payment at pick up in the store (Monday-Thursday hours 12-18)
The order will be kept one week for pick up when a confirmation e-mail ("the book is still available") has been received.
When you select the Send button the order will be sent by e-mail to Aspingtons Antikvariat.

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